Welcome to the new website for Penkridge Sports and Recreation Centre!

It is intended to use the site to help and inform all interested parties of the events and activities that are occurring and planned for the Centre. There is also an element of information being prepared to highlight the ‘Potential’ of the site for future planning and development. This is in the very early stages and a great deal of information and work is required.

The picture on the right shows the current general layout of the site. It has been realised by the Committee who run the Centre that to survive, there must be more activities to encourage local residents and visitors to the ‘Monckton’.

As you go through the pages you will find that there are already a number of activities taking place, mostly from groups and individuals who have been using the Centre for some time. These groups can all be increased in numbers and more groups are welcome.

It must be emphasised that there are no set rules of which type of sport or recreation we are trying to help. It could be anyone with an interest or hobby seeking a base from which to build. The most obvious factor is that this can be either indoors or outdoors.

Many questions have been asked about the run down tennis courts. They have now been tidied up and one of the courts is usable again and we have regular players turning up for games. This though is under review for the simple reason that the court can be used for a number of different sports, 5-a-side football, netball, basketball etc. There are even thoughts of a floodlights for winter use making it an all year round facility. Everything depends upon the interest shown by people who wish to use the facility provided and to work with us to improve what is here already. There is also the plan for the ‘Monckton Mile’. A pathway to be created inside the perimeter fence to allow for casual walks around the fields for individuals and friends and hopefully families. These are just two examples of outside plans that need more creative thinking and assistance in nurturing. The big question is, can you help? For the continued use of the Monckton , we need volunteers and this is simple, use the new email address to register an interest and we will reply as soon as possible.

The Penkridge Sports and Recreation Centre (Monckton) is constituted by Deed of Trust and is a registered charity. The Trust Property is Private Property and the general management and control for its use are vested in the Management Committee. During the year the meetings of the Management Committee mainly concentrate on improvements, refurbishments, maintenance, usage, finances and administration of the Monckton Recreation Centre.

Sports Centre – No Dogs Policy

It must be emphasised that the Centre is a Sport and Recreation Centre and there is policy of No Dogs being allowed on any of the grassed areas. All visitors are requested to observe this and ensure that the area is kept safe to use. It has been noted that family and friends bring dogs to events and games, please ensure that no dogs are taken onto any of the grassed area of the site.