Car Parking

Penkridge Sports and Recreation Centre (Monckton) based at Pinfold Lane, Penkridge, Staffs is a registered charity, number 522710. It is run for ‘the purpose of social welfare, recreation, the advancement of amateur sport and leisure activities with the object of improving the lives of local inhabitants.’

The land is owned under trust by the charity and is controlled by the trustees and a committee. A decision was made to assist with the increase in commuter parking in Penkridge and in 2009 the ‘Overflow Car Park’ was opened. The overflow car park is owned by PSRC (Monckton) and held under lease (25 years) by Staffordshire County Council who control and maintain the car park. The overflow car park was designed for 61 car spaces. The current arrangements are that parking within the overflow car park is without charge.

With continuing increase in use of the railway network, there has been a steady increase in the use of the facility. PSRC (Monckton) are unable to offer the same facility without charging and it was agreed that a fee of £3 per day would be charged for cars unable to use the overflow car park wishing to park on the PSRC (Monckton) car park. Originally this was only chargeable until 10.00am but this was changed in April 2018 and cars are now liable to pay a fee all day. It should be noted that if you are using the facility for sport and recreation at the time of parking, there is no charge. Emergency service vehicles and first responders are not charged.

The charge is payable for the day of purchase, the tickets are not transferable and you should inform us if you intend to park overnight. Cars are parked at owners risk and no responsibility is taken for loss or damage whilst parked at PSRC (Monckton).

Note: Staffordshire County Council intend to undertake ‘maintenance work’ on the overflow car park commencing Wednesday 1st August 2018. We have been informed that this will take approximately two days and they will try to limit the disruption to car parking. They will be visiting the site later to continue planned work but no details have as yet been provided.

Anyone wishing to use the PSRC(Monckton) car park is welcome, but we wish to remind you that the fee is £3.00 per day.