Keep Fit

Keep fit.

Such a simple couple of words but vitally important. This is an area that currently needs developing and this will only be achievable  with more assistance and volunteers. Use of the Hall is for groups of people with like minded interests. The facility has space to allow greater use of the outside with a little imagination……

It has been suggested that we create a ‘Monckton Mile’. This is a very simple concept where we utilise the perimeter of the grassed area of the ‘Monckton’ as a pathway for walking, jogging, running, ambling, strolling. A pathway would be created by mowing the grassed area inside the fence shorter. The aim would be to create a pathway being approximately 6 to 8 feet (3 metres?) wide with shorter grass and eventually a hard surface. Over a period of time this would become a permanent pathway. Eventually, it is hoped to include rest areas, benches, play areas, etc. It is hoped that it would be a family friendly environment. The added bonus would be that it is relatively flat, allowing for wheeled access for small children, push chairs and less advantaged persons could use it. In essence for the whole of the community.