Wheaton Aston and Penkridge Rugby Football Club      aka WAP Rugby

Wheaton Aston and Penkridge RUFC is a local rugby club playing social rugby in South Staffordshire. It moved from Wheaton Aston to Penkridge over 20 years ago. It has always played competitive rugby for the enjoyment of the game. It was relaunched in 2018 and has recruited more players. At present it fields an adult male team (aged 17 and over). Most of the players are in their 20-30s but there are players in 50s and 60s who still hold their place in the team.

Previous tours have been to Muskerry (Cork), Pyle (near Porthcawl) Liverpool, Devon and Whitley Bay. We may not always be victorious but we play for glory and having a great time.

Training takes place every Tuesday at 7.30pm


Touch Rugby is coming to Penkridge

Touch Rugby is very different to contact rugby Each game only last 6 minutes but is fast and furious. A tackle is just a gentle touch anywhere on the body or limbs.

It can be played by men or women from the age of 15 years old. The emphasis is on fun and getting fit.

It should improve footwork and ball handling skills. Touch sessions are Thursday at 7pm.


WAP RFC Touch Rugby Team


WAP Rugby are a friendly and sociable club playing in South Staffs with players from Penkridge, Cannock, Wheaton Aston, Stafford and Wolverhampton areas.

Renowned for its social and friendly attitude, without the pressures of League Table or Merit Table requirements. Played for the enjoyment and camaraderie usually associated with the game. Everyone welcome and a place for everyone.

Training and socialising every Tuesday night at the PSRC (Monckton) from 7.30pm onwards. Play during the season with games on Saturdays whenever possible.

It is intended to continue with light training during the summer months which allows for new members to join in at an easier pace.


Call 07948 419778

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Affiliation: Staffordshire RFU

Members: New members welcome aged 17yrs +

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2018 team to play Longton RFC (not their 1st XV  !!)